The 3D Print Button of the Web

How Teleport Works

Using our Public 3D Print API we enable anyone to send digital designs to our 220 printing locations in the world. For the first time in history we’re bypassing transportation, stock, waste and pretty much the rest of the ancient product supply chain. It’s time to disrupt manufacturing as we know it and open up the promise of 3D Printing to the world.

Teleport for your App

Integrate the Teleport 3D Print Button in your App or Website and allow your users to send digital designs to nearby printers with the click of a button.

3D Print around the corner

No more need for stocking unsold products, long distance transportation or expensive upfront costs for molds. With local and on demand production your users get their parts fast and easy.

The 3D Print Button of the Web

3D Print button


Do you run a webshop with 3D Printable designs? Integrating the Teleport 3D Print Button unlocks your products to over a Billion customers within 10 miles of a 3D printer.

Content library

Content Libraries

Are you the proud owner of a large database of spare parts or technical designs? Hook it up to Teleport and offer affordable parts and 2 day delivery to your users.

Design apps

Design Apps

Do you have a game or app with digital content ready for print? Have your users create in App designs and 3D print them around the corner.

Who's using Teleport?

Are you a company? Get in touch with our Teleport Enterprise team.