Managed 3D Printing Services

From prototypes to production, our experts have you covered

Companies using 3D Hubs

Bulk 3D Printing

Manufacture short-runs anywhere from 50-5000 high quality parts in days. Submit a request and a dedicated 3D printing expert will arrange a cost-effective quote selecting the best industrial provider for your needs.

Rehook, a bicycle accessory brand, were able to manufacture over 500 units of their product to a high consistency level, bringing it to market in a matter of days instead of months.

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Enterprise Solution

3D Hubs offers a tailored approach for Enterprises with frequent 3D printing needs. Making the process hassle-free with a list of qualified providers based on your requirements and fleixble terms in-line with your business practices.

Your dedicated 3D printing expert will make sure you get the cost benefits, speed and material diversity of multiple suppliers, while only dealing with one point of contact.

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Supply Chain

Seamlessly manufacture your product on demand, with a wide selection of materials. Product are made locally to your customers, removing long lead times and eliminating inventory.

Fairphone, a smartphone manufacturer, locally manufactured 20,000 phone accessories over 18 months through our global production network. No product ever sat in a warehouse thanks to a direct end -to-end integration with their sales channels.

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