The Future Of Making

Have you ever wondered where all of the things you buy come from?

Your favorite t­-shirt might be made of cotton grown in Africa, manufactured in China, then dispatched to the U.S. and subsequently to your home town. As consumers, we’ve grown used to being detached from the supply chain. We never encounter the folks behind the production of the things we know. They are faceless links in a complex and obscure global process.

Now imagine a world that runs on local products. Electricity comes from solar cells on your roof, food is grown in urban farms, and everyday commodities are made on machines owned by someone in your neighborhood. Using locally recycled material, these machines would produce designs tailored to your needs. The need for shipping would disappear and your products would be a short bicycle ride away, at the friendly Hub around the corner.

Local manufacturing has the potential to eliminate waste, pollution from transport and long shipping lead times, all of which are relics of centralized production. Products will be made on-demand and closer to their point of purchase, with individuals and companies alike driving their design and innovation.

Making and distributing products locally would not only be cheaper and better for the environment, but will also drive local economies. All we need is a supportive infrastructure that allows us to tap into such a production network. That infrastructure is 3D Hubs.

That is our vision.