The Future Of Making

Have you ever wondered where all of the stuff you buy comes from? Your favorite t-shirt might be made of cotton grown in Africa, manufactured in China, then dispatched to the U.S. and subsequently to your home town. As consumers, we’ve grown used to being detached from the supply chain. We never encounter the folks behind the production of the things we know and love, they are faceless links in a complex and obscure global process.

Now imagine a world that runs on local products. Electricity comes from solar cells on your roof, food is grown in urban farms, and everyday commodities are made on a 3D printer owned by someone in your neighborhood. Using locally recycled material, this printer would produce Nokia phone cases, Nike shoes and even your favorite Ikea accessories. Each design would be tailored to your needs and personality and produced the moment you want it. The need for shipping would disappear. Your products would be a short stroll or bike ride away, at the friendly print Hub around the corner.

3D printing has the potential to eliminate waste, transport pollution and long shipping times - relics of centralized production. To our disappointment, most well known 3D printing companies are still supplying globally from a handful of locations. We believe in a different approach.

3D printers will empower a new breed of makers and entrepreneurs, especially as pricing drops and quality improves. Manufacturing could then be distributed among communities. Your favorite electronics brand could send you accessories and spare parts through a local Hubber at a much lower cost. Toys for your kids, designer clothes and trendy home furniture could be made to order at other Hubs located just a few steps away.

With 3D printing, the factories of the future could become community-run micro-operations. Products could be made on-demand and closer to their point of purchase, with individuals and companies alike driving their design and innovation. Making and distributing stuff would not only be cheaper and better for the environment, but great for local economies as well. All we would need is a supportive infrastructure that allows us to tap into this production network when and where we need it. We’re on a mission to make this infrastructure a reality.

3D Hubs provides a collaborative production platform for makers and 3D printer owners. Using our platform, anyone with a 3D printer can bring customized, locally produced goods to those around them. Together, we strive to build communities that want to share the fun of making 3D printed products, while igniting a new industrial revolution in the process.

Join our movement.