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Live Webinars by 3D Hubs

Learn how to optimize your designs to reduce production costs and how the 3D Hubs online factory can benefit your business.

Each webinar is delivered by our in-house manufacturing experts, who will answer all your questions in the live Q&A.

Weekly Live Demo

Live every Thursday, 11 AM EDT

Spend 30 minutes to learn how the 3D Hubs online factory can benefit your business and ask your questions about 3D Hubs directly to our manufacturing experts in the live Q&A.

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3D Printing for Production

May 15, 10-11 am EDT

Learn how to take full advantage of the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to produce end-use parts and functional prototypes through practical examples and actionable design tips.

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Injection Molding for Production

May 29, 10-11 am EDT

Learn how to take advantage of the high productivity of injection molding, minimize your manufacturing costs with smart design choices, and complete your production within a few weeks.

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CNC Machining for Production

Jun 12, 10-11 am EDT

Learn how to integrate online CNC machining into your workflows, avoid common design pitfalls to minimize costs, and accelerate your design and manufacturing cycles to meet demanding deadlines.

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